Please enjoy Japanese style kaiseki menu with seasonal ingredients.
 The content of the dish will change according to the season.

Introduce some of the meal courses below.

Please enjoy from appetizers to desserts.

"Grilled wrapped pie"
 There is a Yuba of Nikko special product.
 Please crush the baked pie and eat it.

 The end of the course is Japanese traditional cuisine.
 Please eat with soup and rice.

"Salt-grilled sweetfish"
 Eating freshly baked is very delicious.

 We will serve freshly baked items in the middle of the meal course.

Special dish of sweetfish

 Open the sweet and pull out the middle bone.
 Bat and mix the extracted internal organs and miso.
 It is a dish which I baked back in the ayu.
 Middle bones are fried and made into bone rice crackers.

 It is necessary to apply menu change by the day before.
 Additional charge 500 yen (tax excluded).